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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

About Pearls

PACL India Limited (Pearls) is India's Premier Real Estate Development Company with Multi-dimensional port folio ranging from commercial to retail and residential segments. The company is also engaged in sale and purchase of agricultural land and supported with huge land bank. The company has strong in-house R&D and accordingly varied agricultural activities are being carried out based on geographical location of Farms e.g. production of Wheat, Paddy and Vegetables in Northern India and Mangoes, Pomegranate, Sapota, Amla, Cashew Nuts etc. in Southern States
PACL India Limited   is a company which was incorporated on 13th February 1996 under Companies Act 1956 and is engaged in manufacturing of health care products and trading in timber, business of real estate, management and development of agricultural lands.
The company is customer driven and professionally managed Since its inception PACL India Limited has grown phenomenally to have a nationwide presence catering to the aspirations of more than 5 Crore customers. All offices of the company are fully computerized, equipped with modern infrastructure and operated through professionally qualified work force.
It was a finance company from 1983 to 1987 from 1987 onwards it invests the money from the investors in Agricultural lands Depending upon the investments our company gives its land through guarantee cum performance agreement. From 1996 onwards company promoted its status to corporate body. Depending upon the investor’s investment company gives the land as security for their money and after the maturity period when the customers receives the maturity money it takes back that secure land. In Delhi and Hisur it has Tissue Culture laboratory.
More than 250 branches in all over India which is fully computerized which is managed by MBA graduates. 85% of branches were running in their own Buildings. More then 60 lakhs Field Associates and more than 5 crore investors are there in our company, this increases day by day. It is a member in FICCI which is important in All India level. Full secure to your money.100% tax free for the money returns. We are also issuing Accidental benefits whether for full or partial disability and for death. No age limit to work here. No medical check ups.

PACL (Pearls)

Incorporated under Company’s Act 1956. Headquartered at 7th Floor, Gopaldas Bhawan, 28, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi - 01 Understand the need of changing world and develop customized residential and commercial complexes, keeping in mind stringent quality policy and international standard infrastructure practices. Committed to deliver the projects in time following international construction standards. Current ongoing construction projects are at Noida, Delhi, Zirakpur, Mohali, Bathinda, Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Madurai. Having diversified interest in Tourism and Hospitality.


To drive and sustain real estate leadership across country through dedication, innovation, quality, technology, product and service delivery, employees and customer.


To provide comfortable, convenient, luxurious, healthy, hygienic and echo friendly complexes To deliver the buildings in time with full value of money. To maximize efficiency and performance driving total customer satisfaction.


Corporate culture that breeds innovation, passion and hunger for success. Apply the highest standard in performance of our work. Work together to achieve our common goals. Accountable to colleagues and customers. Open to new ideas. Compliance and respect for all community environment and legal requirements. Uninterrupted efforts to enhance employees and customer satisfaction.

Pearls Broadcasting Corporation Ltd

Join PACL India Ltd. (Pearls) 
Pearls Broadcasting Corporation Ltd

Pearls Broadcasting Corporation Ltd', the Channel P7News with a punch line – EK UMEED, as the name “Pearls” speaks of a precious jewel that contains all the glory of an ornament that one can expect, the PEARLS also delivers the high potency to quench the quest to keep the audience / viewers’ loyalty, to catch the flipping viewers’ attention & distinguishly stand out with the clutter of various news channels available in the market today, “P7News – EK UMEED – a 24 hours Hindi News Channel” has been positioned to cater to the viewer ship to the entire country with a special focus on key Hindi speaking States in the Hindi speaking belt. Our endeavor is not only to create a unique identity, but also to project it in the right manner and finally, to sustain it.
Jyoti Narain
PEARLS BROADCASTING Corporation Ltd ushered with a bang in the entertainment and media world in November, 2008, with its vision to encompass all the aspects of good media and conceptualising. The company has come with electronic channel P7 News: Ek Umeed having its corporate office in Noida, Utter Pradesh. The company is enriched by the able and experienced hands in the Board ie, Jyoti Narain, ML Sehjpal and Kesar Singh, as the directors.

This visionary channel is now taking birth to meet the demand of general masses of news and entertainment and will be available for its viewers in India as well as internationally as national hindi news channel.

P7 News consists of two major words ie P and 7. ’P’ signifies the major vision of channel ie, performance, perfection, perseverance, passion and pursuance besides the company name ‘Pearls’. The letter also stands for the promises to the public that it will provide news and information, which will be for people irrespective of colour, caste, creed and religion. ’P’ also stands for presentation of thoughts, which will carry along all Indian masses with it.

Whereas ’7’ number signifies:

* Seven days of the weeks- Channel is in operation of 24x7 hours of the weeks;
* Seven continents - it is poised for being viewed of all over the world;
* Seven colours in rainbow;
* Seven notes of music - encompassing all the notes of musical life;
* Seven chakras of human body;
* Seven wonder of the world; and
* Seven also represent Ketu Planet of spiritual enlightenment.

Channel P7 News will be covering all the areas from fashion to philosophy, entertainment and music, science and technology and will try to cover all that aspects of human life. P7 News Channel’s endeavour is to provide news in most simple, sincere and real way.

Join PACL India Ltd.& Earn Money Unlimited......